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Hygrocybe astatogala

The Sydney Fungal Studies Group Incorporated (SFSGI) consists of mycological and other academics, students, and many other, non-academic but interested people of all age groups.

The SFSGI aims to advance the study of fungi at all levels, particularly the larger fungi, to educate people at all stages of skill and knowledge in the science of mycology, and to interact with groups and societies having mycological or closely related interests.

Membership is open to all, with the only requirements being that they are interested in contributing to the activities of the Group, subscribe to the aims of the Group, and that they respect the basic principles of nature conservation.

Note -

The new 2024 Activities Program is now on the Activities Page.

The next field study for 2024 is at Bola Creek in Royal National Park with a meeting place at the south end of Lady Carrington Drive at 9:45 am,on Saturday 8 June.More details - contact David Noble at - dnoble@ozemail.com.au

For more information on the Sydney Fungal Studies Group Inc -you can contact -Kerry Millichamp on kmillichamp24@gmail.com

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The Sydney Fungal Studies Group started in the mid 1980's as a loosely associated, non-profit group of people interested in all aspects of fungi, and with an emphasis on Australasian fungi. 

The Sydney Fungal Studies Group incorporated in 2000 in order to allow it to formalise and expand its activities.

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